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Sai Baba Miracles

Sai Baba was an Indian spiritual master and was regarded as a fakir, saint or satguru by his devotees according to their preference. He was honoured by both Muslims and Hindus. His teachings combined the essence of both the religions of Islam and Hinduism. He lived in Shirdi and soon the villagers of Shirdi realized that he was not an ordinary fakir but an avatar of the top most categories. He demonstrated his Godly powers through Baba’s Leelas or Sai Baba miracles.

Sai Baba Miracles

Lighting Lamps with Water:

Every evening Sai Baba light lamps in Masjid and temples with the oil provided by the grocers but tired of offering oil to Sai Baba everyday for free, the grocers refused him oil one evening. Without any grudge Sai Babalit the lamps with water.

Premonition of Burning Fields:

Sai Baba could sense danger and once warned Kondaji Sutar that his field was on fire. Finally, he saved the field by sprinkling war on the sheaves of corn, which had caught fire and was emitting smoke.

Stopping the Rain:

There is a story of how Sai Baba had stopped the rains, so that his devotee Rao Bahadur Moreshwar Fradhan could return home with his wife. It was raining heavily and Sai Baba pleaded to Allah for the rains to stop. Hence, the storm ceased and the heavy downpour reduced to drizzles.

Raising the Water Level in The Well:

There was shortage of water in the village of Shirdi, as the well had dried up. Sai Baba restored the level of water in the well by telling the villagers to drop a platter of flowers with alms he had received earlier. B doing so miraculously, as if by divine grace the water in the well rose.

Other Miracles:

The other miracles performed by Sai Baba were levitation, materialization, mindreading, removing his intestines and limbs and putting them back in his body (khandana yoga), appearing to get beaten when someone else was getting the beating, curing the incurably ill, preventing the mosque from falling down on his devotees. He also gave vision to his devotees in the form of Krishna, Vithoba, etc. He also gave advice to his followers in their dreams.

Sai Baba miracles or Baba’s leela just demonstrates his godly powers and proves him to be a messenger of God.