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Significance of Sai Puja

The Sai puja is done with a lot of faith and devotion in the heart of the worshipper. Then only the great saint Sai Baba is touched and he grants all the wishes of his devotee. The significance of Sai puja is that it is done to acquire the blessings of Sai Baba for the better living. Two lamps are lit and stories and paragraphs are read out from the Sai Sat Charitra to rember Sai Baba fondly and develop the faith in the miraculous powers of this great fakir or saint. 108 names of Sai Baba are also chanted during the puja procedure to show respect to him.

Significance of Sai Puja:
  • Lamps are lit for the puja and these lamps should never be put off. Instead these lamps should be allowed to glow till the oil or ghee is over. The significance of lighting the lamps in the Sai puja is to burn off all the past sins of the devotee doing the worship of the saint Sai Baba.
  • Two lamps are lit in this puja. The two lamps signify faith and patience respectively. By looking at the first lamp, the devotee should ask for the blessings of Sai Baba with whole hearted faith and devotion and should surrender himself to the feet of the saint.By looking at the second lamp; he should ask for the patience by surrendering himself to Sai Baba’s feet and seek his blessings. The devotee should ask for patience to wait until his wishes are granted by the saint.
  • Saibaba Puja is a ceremony, which isaimed at gaining the divine grace of Sai Baba for the improvement of life. Devotees’ whodo this pooja are enlightened by the power of this great saint and their lives improve drastically and Sai Baba helps them to face all the hardships in their lives with courage.
  • It is believed that great satguru, Sai Baba blesses eachand every devotee uniquely and this has a profound effect on their personal levels. The devotees gain the auspicious blessings of Sai Baba for the betterment of their lives and to achieve success. Baba’s spirit is present in the hearts of all his devotees who seek them.

Thus, the significance of Sai Puja is that it is done to obtain the blessings of Sai baba to face the hurdles of life bravely.