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Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat

The Sai nav guruwar (nine Thursdays) vrat is increasingly becoming very popular and is believed to give rewards in no time to the observer of this vrat.The devotees of this great saint, Sai Baba, have achieved good results by doing this vrat sincerely. The intensity of the power of this vrat is directly associated with the faith the observer of the vrat has in Sai Baba. This vrat can be done by anyone irrespective of caste, age, religion or gender and Thursday is suitable for starting this vrat.

The Sai Naav Guruwar (None Thursdays) Vrat:

1.Any man child or woman can do this vrat.

2.Person from any caste or creed can do this vrat.

3. If the rules of this vrat are strictly followed for 9 Thursdays, then the observer of this vrat could reap the benefits of this vrat in no time.

4. This vrat should be observed with complete devotion towards Sai Baba for its fulfilment and can be started from any Thursday.

5.For observing this vrat, Sai Baba’s name should be worshipped in the evening or morning. A photograph of this revered saint should be cleaned and a tilak of kumkum or sandalwood should be applied to it. Lamp and incense sticks should be lit, yellow coloured flower garlands should be offered and the story of vrat should be read out. Sai Baba’sname should be chanted and Prasad comprising of fruits and sweets should be distributed.

6. This vrat can be observed by having lunch or dinner, consuming tea, milk, sweets or only fruits but it is to remember that this vrat should not be observed on an empty stomach. Something should be consumed before observing it.

7. This vrat can be done at home too if it is not possible to visit the temple.This vrat should not be done half heartedly. It should be observed with complete devotion.

8. This vrat can be observedeven if the devotee is not present in his or her residence and is out of town.

9. This vrat cannot be done by a menstruating women and so if a Thursday is missed for some reason for doing this vrat, then that Thursday should be excluded from the total count of 9 Thursdays and the following Thursday should be counted for the vrat and there after the concluding ceremony should be performed.

Procedure for concluding ceremony:

1.On the concluding Thursday of the vrat, five poor people should be fed.

2. To augment the importance of this vrat and Sai Baba, 5,11 and 21 Sai Baba Vrat books should be distributed among friends and family members. This is how the vrat is concluded.

3. In the concluding ceremony, the Sai Baba vrat books are distributed and the blessings of Sai Baba are sought.

4. On the 9thor last Thursday, the books to be given to friends or family members should be blessed during the pooja by the great saint before they are distributed. The devotees of Sai Baba strongly believe that this vrat is very rewardingif it is strictly followed observing all the rules as stated above and concluded in the right way. Then Sai Baba fulfils all the desires of the devotees.

Thus, Sai Nav Guruwar (Nine Thursdays) Vrat is a very simple procedure and can be followed by anyone but should be done with sincerity and devotion to please Sai Baba.