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Sai Puja Vidhi

Sai Puja Vidhi is a very simple procedure. The mainthing required for this worship or puja is faith and devotion. Then only all the wishes of the devotee will be granted by the great saint or fakir, Sai Baba.

Kakad Aarti:

The devotee should wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning, light the lamps and do the Kakad Aarti. The Prasad offered should be a mixture of butter and sugar. Panchaarti is preferred for this worship that is 5 wicks are used for all the aartis.After the completion of the aarti, the reading of SatChatira commences.


The procedure of Abhishekam is done around 8 a.m.for the small idol of Shirdi Sai Baba Aksatha(yellow rice)and warm water should be used and 9 times it should be offered at the feet of Sai Baba. During abhishekam, the devotee should chantthe slokas vishnusahasranamam, rudram or purushasuktam. The order for abhishekam is first milk. Then tender coconut, followed by orange or lime juice, then yogurt, rosewater and last of all gangajal is given. After abhishekam, the idol of Sai Baba is decorated with garland, cloth and kept in the shrine. After applying kumkum and chandan to the statue, a coconut is broken and kept on both the sudes of the statue. All along paragraphs from SatChatira should be read out.

Madhyana Aarti:

This Aarti is done around 1p.m. after completing the chapter going on. Then prasad, such as brinjal, rice, chapatti and pooriand any two vegetables are offered. Reading again starts immediately. After the noon Aarti chapters 50 and 51 should be read out by the host. The devotees can take turn to read the Sai SatCharitra and pin drop silence should be maintained in the hall.

Dhoop Aarti:

After the completion of reading all the chapters,the Shirdi Sai Ashotharam is chanted with flowers and sundal or chana is offered as Prasad.The session concludes with the Dhoop Aarti. The whole procedure takes 10.5 -11 hours.

Thus, Sai puja vidhi is undeniably simple but should be followed whole heartedly with a lot of devotion to obtain the blessings of Sai Baba.